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SOLD OUT 2019 Planner
SOLD OUT 2019 Planner
SOLD OUT 2019 Planner
SOLD OUT 2019 Planner
SOLD OUT 2019 Planner
SOLD OUT 2019 Planner
SOLD OUT 2019 Planner
SOLD OUT 2019 Planner

SOLD OUT 2019 Planner

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This is our 3rd Edition of the Planner!

Life can be messy, it can sometimes end up looking different than how we planned.

This is a safe place to set your mess aside and make sure you focus on the real stuff, in real time. 

Printed right here in Quebec, on recycled paper, the new and improved 14 month 2019 Planner is really quite outstanding, if we dare say so ourselves!

We could talk about

  • New gold Wire-O binding
  • the re-designed back pocket
  • the new velvet mat cover
  • the 14 pt thick cardboard backing
  • the new added 'yearly review' pages for September and December 
  • the fact that it starts in November, so you can plan your escape for the holidays! 
  • the fact that it's printed here, in Quebec, by people. Who actually care.
  • planner measures 8.5” x 11” 
  • 165 pages : each week has 2 pages for extra notes, errands, plans and brain dumps! 
  • the inside layouts include : monthly calendar + notes, weekly brain dump, week per page.

We could boast about the really functional layout and the new gorgeous fonts, but the fact of the matter is that you could probably get another fancier, more perfect looking planner elsewhere.


They are everywhere and they are all perfect.

However, we believe that the layout of this planner is really special and in fact, we hand drafted this very layout for year before digitizing it.

We made this planner for ourselves: 

We are two women, with partners, kids, dogs and sometimes chickens.

We work out in the world and on ourselves.

Sometimes we're doing 'it' all (whatever that means) 

and sometimes we can just manage putting pants on. 

Both are OK.

We also make mistakes, and miss appointments, and disappoint people we love.

Again, those are all ok.

Because sometimes we delight, comfort, help, heal, nurture, ease and bring joy to the people around us.

This planner helps us everyday.

If you're new to The Planner, EEEEEEEK!!!!

We just know you're going to love it!

If this is your second year!! YAY! 

If this is your third year... dang girl... can we make out? WOOOOOOT!

All kidding aside though,

We are so so so thrilled to do this with you guys!




Maria + Emeline

This planner was created in partnership with Girl Friday and the incredible team at SID printing

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