Emeline Who?

Emeline dreamed of being an artist and fashion designer as a child. And a florist, and a horse vet and a magazine editor, too. She was pretty sure, whatever she did, she would do wearing a power suit and painted nails. 

She has led an un-traditional path, to say the least. Studied philosophy, taught preschool, worked luxury retail,  and more recently killed a duck with an ax, right before a client meeting.

Emeline re-dsicovered her buried creativity when she returned to study Interior Design at the age of 23. It took 15 years of motherhood and entrepreneurship to launch this latest creative venture. 

Her work, whether it be visual, tactile or written emerges from the dichotomies that are present in her everyday life: chaos and order, country and city,  alone and together.

Garbarino Acres is her homestead and studio that shelters her three children, patient partner, her art supplies, and her best worst dog, Rosie.  Together they are working at making a good life.

Emeline Villedary Studios produces original artwork and products for the inspired and intentional home.

Thank you for being here!