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Myth Of Arrival

I know you've heard me talk about creative blocks before, but none of them have ever felt as crippling as the one I experienced coming home from my Vipassana Retreat this august.

How heavy it felt to face that blank canvas.
How hard it was to watch the thoughts go by.

But I got out of it...

It took me awhile
It felt really uncomfortable

And when it all unlocked, it felt easy and peaceful and never ending.
And the paintings just came.

In working through that block, I had to come to terms with the reality that  we are always moving forward. That there is no point of arrival. The beauty is not in the destination, but rather in allowing the process to unfold.

The Myth of Arrival.

This collection is the product of 100 hours of meditation. These paintings emerge out of a deep questioning: how can we translate the experience of a moment?

These landscapes cut loose from  traditional  perspectives and inch towards the desire for an open, expansive experience.  

There is no arrival, only a forward motion into the great wild open.  



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