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Updates from Garbarino Acres

This is a bold move, to try and write something in a half hour, without going down the rabbit hole.

In 2017, I want to write more. My current issue is the ability to block off computer time. It feels so precarious, like at any moment I can lapse into a Pinterest tunnel or fall into the trap of Medium. However, I've pledged to try and solve this issue. If anyone has suggestions, please share! Ideally, I'd love to publish something once a week. There, apparently goals have a higher likelyhood of being achieved when you publicize them, but there is the counter theory that simply by stating them, your brain can be tricked into thinking it has already achieved it and feels free to move onto something else.


The Holidays were a bit of a pyjama and bread induced coma. Let me tell you that there were few doughy treats that I did not indulge in. For that reason, my arms are numb while I sleep and my snow pants are tight as hell. Turns out ice skating with a 6 year old isn't the cardio workout I thought it was.

I'm joined the Revitalize Cleanse with Melissa Colleret starting next week and I'm excited that it's only 10 days long.

See, it's been 25 minutes and that's all I've come up with.

We made great strides in our kitchen reno and it I've started believing in Garbarino Acres again. After a dismal harvest in the garden and horror stories about our chickens and barn critters... I really needed a win. And it came in neatly painted kitchen cabinets.



My struggle in 2016 was keeping things in perspective and losing sight of what is. I worked on some goals and things I'd like to accomplish in 2017 and while I was reviewing last year's list, it was really surprising how many things I DID get done. Even the kids mentioned this last night, that I can only focus on what's not done (in the context of setting the table, I DO expect plates, so yes, that is something I will focus on). They did make a great point. So I'd like to work on that.

My timer has gone off and my next task calls me. But not  before I invite you to my mini vernissage here in Rigaud, to celebrate what is. That I managed to follow through with that goal, even though it still feels ridiculous, and none of the artwork seems to want to hang straight! So you'll forgive my amateurn level and just take a drive to the country (we have a gorgeous river skating rink!) to check out some art and some nature.



WHEN: SATURDAY JANUARY 21st 13h00 - 15h00

WHERE: Bibliothequèque Municipale 102 Rue Saint-Pierre, Rigaud, QC J0P 1P0

DETAILS: kid friendly, casual, quick (only 32 pieces) look around and chit chat. The Sanctuaire Notre Dame Des Lourdes offers lovely snowshoeing trails and the local park has a gorgeous skating oval, so maybe turn it into a fun day out! Stop by Mikko in Hudson for some delicious coffee!








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  • Love your work Emeline, please put me on the distribution list for the next vernissage…
    You are very thoughtful, generous and always exciting to work with you in addition to your great taste!


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