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Did you hear that? It was Oprah.

She said the planner is here.

2017 Planner

And you know she means business.

Years of having this on my Life Goals and it took a few ‘can you help me with _____’ to get it done. I made this with Maria, my partner in design crime and we can’t wait to bring you other products. It was totally outside of our comfort zone, but you know what happens when you step out of that zone, right?


That’s right. Jim happens.

I’ll be bringing it to Pottery Barn for my Pop Up Shop.

Oh, did I not tell you about Pottery Barn? Oh boy.

Ok, before I go into that, I’ll just link up to the Planner here.

They will be ready to ship November 27th! Yeehaw!

Ok, but Pottery Barn.

Last year when I started all this nonsense, I did have a goal. And yes, I did want to have a small pop up shop. But I kind of thought we’d either do it in my living room, or yours. Certainly not at POTTERY BARN.

Through a series of events, they reached out to me via Instagram and what followed was a whole bunch of weird self-doubt and WHAT WOULD I EVEN WEAR type of thoughts. There was a gap when I didn’t know if it was happening and that’s when I knew I wanted this. Not only had I wanted it, but I had made it happen. It had taken a year. But I had achieved a goal.

And instead of washing it away with some form of nonchalance, I am trying to sit with it and see it as a direct consequence to my actions.

I think when you have encountered so many situations that don’t work even when you’ve done EVERYTHING RIGHT, you become surprised when things DO work out exactly like they are suppose to. Specially as a designer, you spend 90% of your time planning something you KNOW won’t turn out like you intended it.


Let’s just say I’m excitedly surprised and looking forward to packing all this up !

WHAT: Original Floral Canvas Paintins, Original Mixed Media Paper Pieces, Original India Ink Florals, 2017 Planner

WHERE: Pottery Barn Quartier DIX30 (brossard)

WHO: Emeline Villedary + Artmann Villedary PaperGoods

WHEN: Saturday November 26th 10-4 + Sunday November 27th 12-4

Sooooo…. maybe you’ll want to come and give me hug?

I might be that awkward person standing there with a desperate PLEASE TALK TO ME look. Or maybe I’ll be swamped and sold out.

Again, not attached to the outcome.  It’s all practice.

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