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Labour of Days

This past week has been full of planning, lists and task check boxes. Sure, there’s been late nights playing Risk, but we’re trying to stay focused on our renovation. And so far, so good. 

In moving forward though, we’ve had to make some tough calls about what we choose to do, and what we say no to. And it’s been really hard to say no to so many fun things.

But as our Mysticore leaders have taught us.. it’s in saying No that we learn how to say Yes? Right? 


All the while, I’ve been plodding along in the studio, stunned and so grateful by the sales that followed the launch of the online shop

Reallt, it was an overnight transformation for me. Going from “in the cracks” doodler to selling pieces, well it just gives you a little boost in morale, and it helps pay for groceries!  

What’s been strange is how to keep painting after seeing what was popular versus what was unpopular. Creatively, how do you follow up on a project like this? 

Since I don’t see myself as having a specific medium (I’m going with  artistic explorer) it’s sometimes a bit frightening to ask “what’s next”. 

Moments after the hurdles have been cleared- an achievement, or loss, or goal accomplishments- can sometimes be weird.  There’s  a gap in that aftermath when you ask and answer “what now”. 

Maybe I’m far too reflective for my own good, but selling my pieces made me ask myself the questions

What do I make now? What do I want to make, what do others want me to make?

Which were really surprising, since I hadn’t given one ounce of thought to that leading up to launching the paintings in the first place! 

So I threw a lot of brain power on to these questions. I worked on a few different scenarios and for whatever reason, I came to some conclusions.  

In an effort to not overthink things, I decided to “retire” some older pieces (ladies included) in order to make space for the new florals/water worlds I’ve been playing around with.  

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my ladies and I know I’ll come back to them in one capacity or another. But to keep painting new ones simply because they sold well? That made me feel icky inside. 

So they are up until Tuesday and then I get to keep them for myself as source material for other work, and for the daily smiles I get when I look at each of them. Not that I want to stop you from buying them (by all means! Shop Now!), but they are probably just extra special for me. 

In other news…

You can expect about 8 new floral pieces , 2 abstract landscapes and 4 new watercolour abstracts to hit the “shelves” next week. 

If anything, this project has been the incarnating of the adage “start where you are”. It confronted me with my preconceived notions about needing things to be a certain way before starting. It has also made me realize that sometimes things don’t look exactly like you want them/expect them to look, but that when you start down these paths, you never really know how it’s all going to unfold. Best to check your expectations at the door. 

In recap: 

  • Shop Update goes live on Tuesday September 6th! 
  • I’ll be retiring my Ladies and other pieces 
  • I’ll be adding about 10 new pieces!!!

Oh and … 

  • Creating is hard work 
  • Expectations always lead to disappointment 
  • Start Now 
  • Yes you can
  • You can figure out how as you go
  • It’s ok to be scared 
  • It’s terrifying 
  • Yes, you will cry
  • Don’t wait to do it properly

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