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One month. I haven't written in about one month, something completely unprecedented.

Summer days are not structured and between the studio, the dead ducks and the laundry line, it's been hard to dedicate inside computer time to this space.  No two days are alike, and balancing the kids and their less than stellar enthousiasm for day camp, well it means that I've got like about 10 minutes to myself a day!

But, I promise that what I have to share today is exciting....

Salmon Sky Fields

{Salmon Sky Fields}

After a year of painting and accumulation, it's time to make some space in the studio and let these pieces take on their true roles, in the homes of others. The ladies will be released from their protective sketchbook, and who knows where they'll end up.

I still get butterflies before each new piece. I never know what to expect and my gut fills with dread and anxiety, but I've recognized that as a good motivator for the things I need to explore. And this past set of butterflies told me it was time.

Today marks the opening of a new space for me. It's not on Monkland, and it doesn't have fun windows that we get to decorate, but it's free and I can update it on my phone while the kids eat breakfast. Today, I launch my online store:

Emeline Villedary Studio

original art and products for the inspired home.


There will be kinks to iron out, I'm sure, but I'm really happy to have taken the leap and pushed this thing forward, even if the sales tally to zero!

So while I have about 65 other posts I want to write, I thought maybe I should get this one published and then strike it off of bullet list!
Also, I wanted to say that you all have supported me tremendously throughout a lot of my projects and without your comments, your texts and your open ears to all my babbling, I really wouldn't have the balls (let's be honest) to do any of this.

So, am I ready?

Absolutely not. But today is as good a day as any.

You can shop, and email me at if you have any questions about shipping or delivery or anything at all.




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