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  • Imagine understanding HOW you are hardwired
  • Imagine holding the MAP to your unconscious
  • Imagine developing true ACCEPTANCE





The keystone to beginning your journey. 

This tool is the perfect way to dip your toe into the world of Human Design.

Using everyday language, I will hold your hand through understanding the basic principles of how you were hardwired to interact with the world.

More often than not, we've lived our lives wondering what we're doing wrong. 

We compare ourselves to others, thinking it looks so much easier for them.

The basic premise to Human Design,  is that we have all come with a specific software.
What we learn through this system,  is the map, or the instruction manual, to our specific way of being. 

When I discovered Human Design, it answered so many of my fundamental questions about how I operate in the world. It was as though I was looking in the mirror.

The relief was enormous and instantaneous! 

What I offer you, is an introduction to your own Human Design and an opportunity to start to living in your unique design.

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I will be right by your side as you dive into Human Design.

As an artist and a seeker,
I know (first hand!) that this path can be a difficult one.

Trust where you are and know that you are being guided. 

Feel free to pop into my email and let me know where you're starting from!
I'd love to get to know you a bit more. 

What They're Saying:  

"Emeline's reading has given me huge clarity with regards to my purpose and how to thrive. It gave me the confidence to pursue my passion and understand my key skills.

This reading made my life make sense!
Thank you Emeline, this work is invaluable!"

-Kia  @kiacannons

Valerie L.

Writer, Entrepreneur, Consultant

''My Building Blocks report, and specifically Emeline's insights about it, has been a life-changing discovery for me.
It has unlocked so many mysteries in my life until now- events and decisions, and also parts of my own behaviour that I couldn't quite understand.
The future is looking bright for me as I ease into a life that 's built around my strengths and gifts rather than running against them.''

-Valerie   @zenschmen